Digitech Trio+ songs

Digitech Trio+ songs

There are a few months since I have got the wonderful Digitech Trio+ guitar pedal.

I have created many songs with him, and I think it will be my «team» in my next gig with «Mauricio y Los Vicios», my globally well known band, where I am the only member. With the choirs of the Boss VE-2, and the effects of the Zoom MS-50G, I can create a full band from scratch in a few days.

But there is something I’m wandering about since I got this pedal. For every keyboard or every device available around the world, there is an active community of fans sharing patches, songs or whatever else the machine does. Surprisingly, there’s nothing similar with the Digitech Trio+ so I created this post to offer the first cover I created with him.

In the .zip file there is a backing track for the «The Police» anthem «Every breath you take» (in G). The song is exactly as performed by The Police, but there is a small difference in the last verse, so you need to make a longer pause before to sing the last sentence. I added a soft rhythm guitar for reference; you can replace it for your own permorfance or silence it at all.

Please, email me or wite a comment below if you downloaded it for your own pedal and let me know, please, if you have songs to share.

Anyway, bookmark this page because I will try to upload a few more backtracks for the Digitech Trio+ in the coming weeks.

Click here to download the files: