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Digitech Trio+ songs

MúsicaDigitech Trio+ songs

There are a few months since I have got the wonderful Digitech Trio+ guitar pedal.

I have created many songs with him, and I think it will be my «team» in my next gig with «Mauricio y Los Vicios», my globally well known band, where I am the only member. With the choirs of the Boss VE-2, and the effects of the Zoom MS-50G, I can create a full band from scratch in a few days.

But there is something I’m wandering about since I got this pedal. For every keyboard or every device available around the world, there is an active community of fans sharing patches, songs or whatever else the machine does. Surprisingly, there’s nothing similar with the Digitech Trio+ so I created this post to offer the first cover I created with him.

In the .zip file there is a backing track for the «The Police» anthem «Every breath you take» (in G). The song is exactly as performed by The Police, but there is a small difference in the last verse, so you need to make a longer pause before to sing the last sentence. I added a soft rhythm guitar for reference; you can replace it for your own permorfance or silence it at all.

Please, email me or write a comment below if you downloaded it for your own pedal and let me know, please, if you have songs to share.

since i wrote this post i discovered There is a facebook group about Trio+ HERE

Anyway, bookmark this page because I will try to upload a few more backtracks for the Digitech Trio+ in the coming weeks.

Click here to download the files:


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    • Hola Júnior.

      No se pueden reproducir archivos .mp3 porque el Trio+ tiene su propio formato de archivos.

      Como mucho, podrías conectar un reproductor de .mp3 (con el volumen muy bajo) en la entrada IN-Guitar y grabarlo como un loop.


      Hi Junior.

      You can’t play .mp3 files because the Trio+ has its own file format.

      At best, you could plug an .mp3 player (with the volume very low) into the IN-Guitar input and record it as a loop.

  1. I expect to finally receive my Trio+ this next week and am excited. I am glad to see these first two songs and hope to find/contribute more, once I have spent some months with the unit.

    Happy 2023 to all!

  2. January 7. 2023 and i do a post here cause i have a Trio+ again after some years. Happy New Year All.
    I’m housebound since a few years due health conditions and i thought it would be a good idea to get Trio+ again, due i can’t gig anymore.
    The prices were ridiculous the last months, went up to 250€ for a used one. (My first one i got as a bundle, new, for 189€) . So today i made a steal on Ebay for a used Trio+ for 100€. I’m totally happy.
    So i decided to find some songs for the Trio+ but they are still very rare. I download the two songs here and hope to give some back one day.
    Anyone else has a source for songs? It would really help me. Btw. I have registered at the Facebook group, even I’m not on FB normaly.

  3. Digitech Band Trio+ Real Songs – YouTube
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    I would say the Trio+ was better until I got the premium library. it’s much easier to find a song with a beat you like and play with it. Having both is were it’s at thou. using the beatbuddy in stereo, the Bass from the Trio+ bass into amp modelling, it’s just tremendous amounts of fun.

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    The plus can sequence a song but the 5 led lights are all you have to tell you where you are in the song and you can only save like 12 songs on single SD card and there is no visual indication of what song is in which of the 12 slots on the card. And both trios are lacking on stops, intros and song endings.

    Trio+ – live using pre-recorded songs. Advancing songs …
    I have recorded a number of songs. I have the Digitech three-button pedal and use it in Live Mixer mode. I want to advance songs during my performance. It seems that the only way I can do that is to push the song button on the pedal and turn the knob to change songs. I can’t do that with the Trio+ on the floor.

    Unlocking the Secrets of the DigiTech Trio+ | Reverb News
    Without further ado, let’s jump right into how to create a first song on the DigiTech Trio+: 1. Write A Progression. This step isn’t really a must, but it helps to know what you’re doing before you actually do it. To try and trip up the unit, I created a funk-rock style progression with a bit of rhythmic scratching, to see if the Trio+ …

    Tips for getting the best results with your Digitech Trio …
    The DigiTech TRIO Band Creator has to automatically figure out the song key, length, timing, number of bars, chords, and feel based on only three key pieces of information so it is important to be clear and accurate.

    • Do you want to send me a file?

      1. Install the Trio manager software
      2. Insert the card in the computer
      3. Select the card in Trio Manager and selct Song Manager
      4. Copy the song fron left (te songs in your card in Digitech format) to the right (one file in Windows format in the selected directory your computer)
      5. Attach that file to an email for email@mauricioluque.com

      Hope it helps.

  4. Hi Maurice,
    I am working on songs and have some to offer you. I have a trio plus and the software but have not worked out how to load up your songs to my Trio from my laptop. I cannot get the file to load on the trio memory card. also how do I upload a song to you?

    • I can’t see the problem.
      Please, keep in mind that working with the card is NOT a regular copy and paste file procedure but a specific proedure managed by Trio Manager.
      Sending indiviudual files (songs) between people (by email or download) is a regular file copy and paste procedure.

      1. Install the Trio Manager software
      2. Insert the card in the computer, directly or (as I do) with a card reader
      3. Click on «Open card» and select the device (in my computer is G:)
      4. Now you have a Card Manager and a Song Manager in the left panel; select Song Manager
      5. Now you should see the twelve songs available into your card (left) and the (none, some or many) songs stored in your computer (in the right): drag and drop songs to the available spots in the card
      6. Finally, rename (right click) the songs in your card, so the next time you try this, you can clearly see what you’re moving

      Hope it helps.

    • Hi. I have dozens of songs sequenced and saved for the Trio+, and perform regularly with them. I’m looking to expand my song library, and would be delighted to trade song files with any like-minded Trio+ users. Songs are rock, classic rock, pop, from 60’s through today. Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi Mauricio,

    Jut to thank you for sharing this.
    As you mentioned, i’ts «….Surprisingly, there’s nothing…»

    I’m thinking about to open an own site where anyone could share songs, tips, comments, info, etc… exclusively for this device i love.

    You know, must to find the time.. But hopre to do it by this year

    Greetings from Spain!!

  6. These songs are terrific – I especially like «Do you want to know a secret». Thanks so much for posting them. I wish others did the same.

  7. Hi, Mauricio,
    Just got your Do You Want To Know A Secret file, it’s fantastic! Many thanks, I’m having a lot of fun with it!

    If you had any other Beatles or 60s songs (or any songs, really!) I’d love to see them!

    Thanks again.


  8. Hi, I’ve found you posted in vguitarforums.com that you made «Do you want to know a secret» by The Beatles for the TRIO+. I got mine two days ago, and it’s amazing!
    Would you please put a download link in your site to that song?

    I’ve already download “Every breath you take”, but cannot listen BC I have not installed the managing software.
    Thanks in advance

  9. Hello to all.
    I just got my Trio+ and wandering if anyone is sharing his experience.
    Please let me know if you have any (any) song to help me learn a bit before I share something.

  10. Hi Mauricio,

    My name is cal and I have been looking for songs and I am very surprised not to find any but yours. I have the original Trio and I just purchased the Trio plus so I can save the songs. I will write and exchange with you. I live in the US Tennessee. I play contemporary
    Christian and classic rock music.
    God bless,


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