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El spam nuestro de cada día

Ocio y culturaEl spam nuestro de cada día

Hoy los spammers siguen con su trabajo rutinario. De entre las muchas curas milagrosas y crecepelos de todo tipo que me han ofrecido hoy, la que más me ha llamado la atención es la pastilla que por unos pocos dólares cura el Alzheimer y la demencia; es incomprensible que las multinacionales farmacéuticas no sepan encontrar a estos genios de la química. 😀

En cuanto a los emails sobre disfunción eréctil y otros problemas sexuales, creo que voy a dejarlo de incluirlos en esta sección porque, además de ser muy pesadoa, muchos de ellos están un poco pasados de tono y tampoco quiero yo que te emociones leyendo spam.

La próxima vez que haga esta colección del spam recibido, la voy a traducir al español, que creo que el tema merece ese esfuerzo extra.

Grow your hippocampus 6x faster with this sound frequency

I’m passing on a time-sensitive message from the brain to you.
And you need to hear it today.
Leaked CIA research revealed a tiny, microscopic brain wave billionaires use to attract money and success in their life.
You won’t find this thing on the internet, so don’t bother looking there.
Open your Urgent Message
Shrunken hippocampus
Find Out If Your Brain Developed Enough To Generate Billionaire Brain Wave

Discover the Joy of Playing: Piano 4 All Can Make It Happen

Fancy learning how to play the piano this new year?
Imagine being able to sit down at a piano and just PLAY – Ballads, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Ragtime, even amazing Classical pieces.
Now you can… and you can do it in months not years without wasting money, time and effort on traditional piano Lessons.
>>> Check out this ingenious new way to learn piano and keyboard.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any prior experience as this is one of the most ‘logically’ structured piano course available. It doesn’t just throw ideas at you randomly….
Each ‘bite sized’ lesson has been meticulously planned so that step-by-step you learn a thorough set of piano playing skills in a very short space of time.
The video and audio lessons open ON THE PAGE you are working on – you don’t have to go from books to videos – at each stage you know exactly where you are.
>>> Now Anyone Can Learn Piano or Keyboard!
To Your Continuing Success!
-Teresa Reynolds

Diabetics don’t realize until it’s too late

This is pretty scary, but…
Almost every type 2 diabetic who lost their eyesight or suffered a limb amputation had this «sticky gray mucus» coating their kidneys…
Trapping dangerous sugar in their bloodstream:
The problem is, hardly any doctors ever talk about this…
So most type 2 diabetics have no idea there’s a powerful new method to support their kidneys…
Flush out deadly sugar from their bloodstream…
And balance blood glucose levels almost instantly.
This new method takes less than 60 seconds and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.
==> Go here to see how it works.
P.S. Folks don’t realize their kidneys are compromised until it’s way too late, so if you’re diabetic or even pre-diabetic, go here now while you still have time.

Megan loves eating WOOD more than food?

Hi, my name is Megan.
And my husband often jokes that I love eating d**k more than food.
But can you blame me?
I mean, I wasn’t the type of girl going crazy for BJ, but now I just can’t get enough…
He went from a modest 3.1 to an absolute hard as steel 9 inch beast!
And it’s all thanks to this jungle elongation ritual that turns any soft, small member into a big, fat monster.
His new size not only stretched me to my limits but I found myself climaxing in ways I never knew were possible.
Every time he strips down, revealing his giant pipe long member, my body reacts instantly, going numb…
And the sight of him, standing there, full of pride and confidence is just a massive turn-on….
This is a gift that no woman on this earth should be deprived of.
And it’s so simple and easy that anyone can do it.
Without EVER taking dangerous treatments.
Achieve your true growth potential with this jungle secret
It saved our marriage and trust me, your wife or girlfriend is going to love it.

You’ll feel like you’re wearing a regular wind jacket

Hilipert Unisex Heated Vest!
Is This Revolutionary Vest With NASA Inspired Technology The Key To Keeping You Warm and Cozy This Winter?
Stop packing extra layers of coats, jackets, or blankets and combat cold weather in comfort! The stylish Hilipert Heated Vest has a built-in heating system WITH 3 heating levels for keeping you warm no matter how cold it gets! The lightweight, sleek design both looks great and feels amazing. It’s also comfortable and thin enough as a middle layer under jackets. Order the world’s best-selling heated vest NOW!

– Instant warm-up under any conditions
– Simply press and work
– 3-Level heating intensity settings
– Weather proof & waterproof & completely washable
– Light and thin to serve as a middle layer

Get Hilipert Unisex Heated Vest NOW

Ancient Deep Sleep Remedy [GIFT]

If there’s one thing every person I know could use, it’s deep, restful, sleep.
Because let’s face it, none of us is getting the sleep we actually need to function at our best.
And the more technology invades every aspect of our lives, it just gets harder and harder.
But there is hope.
Because a recent discovery has revealed an ancient sleep remedy.
One that helps you rest, relax, and recharge…
Without any drugs or wacky unproven herbal remedies.
In fact, this ancient sleep remedy is so convenient and easy to use, all you have to do is hit play on your phone and lie down.
That’s it!
Because this sleep remedy uses the power of sound to put you in a deep state of blissful sleep.
You see ancient eastern spiritual leaders and powerful monarchs discovered thousands of years ago…
That a very specific sound frequency will put you in a deep, restful sleep state automatically.
And thanks to modern technology, we’re able to take that specific sound frequency and convert it into a digital MP3 format.
And as someone who’s suffered from poor sleep most of my life…
I’ve made it my mission to give away 1 Million copies of this powerful deep sleep inducing MP3.
Because I know that getting proper sleep can change your entire life.
Truth is you don’t even realize you’re walking around in a fog right now.
But once you experience real deep restorative sleep…
You’ll realize just how much of life you’ve been missing out on.
So claim your copy here (at no cost to you) and experience it for yourself.
When you do I guarantee you’ll never go back.
P.S. Want to help spread the “deep sleep” movement? If you know anyone that suffers from poor sleep, FWD them this email so they can get their hands on this life-changing sleep aid too.

Scientists: “Activate these cells for stable blood sugar”

Hi ,
Using high-tech, phase-contrast microscopes, researchers at Harvard have
detected a toxic blanket that forms around the pancreas of diabetes sufferers.
It’s made of clingy “zombie cells” that block the production of insulin.
These blockers can be easily removed by activating the immune system’s
“Natural Killer cells” and the test results are simply amazing.
Subjects report feeling 10 years younger in just 7 weeks of this 100% natural
treatment which activates your body’s defense system.
Tania Barley, 62, from Birmingham England was told there was no cure and she
had an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and blindness… But now, after 7
weeks of treatment, she is diabetes free and says: «All my blood test levels are
within the normal range, and my cholesterol and blood pressure levels are
Others have reported an average of 21 lbs of excess body fat in six weeks…
Check out this video presentation to learn more.
To your wellbeing,

Achieve Incredible 20/20 Vision No Matter How Bad Your Eyes Are

Hey there!
Did you know that your deteriorating vision has nothing to do with computer use…
Close reading…
Or even the aging process?
Instead, according to an expert ex-military eye doctor, it’s all down to 2 little known nutrients produced by your own body…
Which are being ruthlessly killed off in every visually impaired person on Earth!
Fortunately, you can prevent all this from happening to you too…
Just by simply using a powerful 2 minute eye ritual…
Known only to a small Aboriginal tribe army unit stationed deep in the Australian outback!
This pioneering natural treatment has now been used by 51,297 people and counting.
And it’s been shown over and over to fully repair and regenerate dying cells in the retina and the macula!
Visit the link below to find out all about it:
Fight Years Of Vision Problems With This Simple Outback Eye Ritual
To your health,

“I was totally shocked when the sore disappeared 20 minutes later”

Your prayers have been answered!
These genius researchers have finally found a way to kill the herpes virus for good and the way this works will knock your socks off!
You can find their discovery here.
It’s about an unknown substance that finds, attacks and kills the herpes virus which has been thought to be impossible until now!
And the way it works is mind blowing!
It literally obliterates both oral and genital herpes!
But hurry!
Due to the increasing number of requests, the research team is considering taking down their findings until a better way to share this information is found.
This is so incredible, that the academic community says these scientists are on their way to win a Nobel prize for this discovery.
Again, hurry and get their findings from this page, while you still can.

Every woman’s fantasy

This isn’t my field of expertise.
But it sure does look to me like a cure has been found.
And that’s it’s been around for quite some time.
Have a look.
I can say one thing for sure.
That video is exciting. It’s going to shock you. And entertain you. And most importantly,
it’s going to make you think.
Definitely the best health video I’ve seen come out all month….
Tom has a very unique approach to his field…and I’ve always got one eye on what he’s up to…because it’s always something different….
What I learned from that video….
Is that the reason we’re all being taken in by drugs like Viagra and silly penis pumps…
Is because nobody…
And I mean nobody…
Has really exposed the true underlying cause of erectile dysfunction.
You’re going to learn EXACTLY what that cause is on this video:
And I mean it when I say…learn it there…or learn it nowhere…
Once you hear what he has to say you’re going to say “gosh, why didn’t I think of that”
And when you hear how easy his solution is….
You won’t believe it…
But you’re going to want to try it…
And when you try it…
Then you’re gonna start believing.
Because the sizable bulge in your pants…and the smile on your wife’s face…is going to make you into a believer.
I don’t usually demand that everyone my list watch a video.
But I do demand that you watch this one:
You won’t’ regret it.
P.S. Whenever someone has done over 8 years of research on any topic.
You should stop and pay attention to what he has to say.
If you have ED….there’s no excuse for skipping this video.
P.P.S. What is more important to you than your manhood?
Well your manhood is at stake if you have erectile dysfunction.
Why not watch a fun video, that may just have the solution you’ve been looking for.

Miracle Nutrient Makes Kills Herpes For Good

Your prayers have been answered!
These genius researchers have finally found a way to kill the herpes virus for good and the way this works will knock your socks off!
=>You can find their discovery here.
It’s about an unknown substance that finds, attacks and kills the herpes virus which has been thought to be impossible until now!
And the way it works is mind blowing!
It literally obliterates both oral and genital herpes!
But hurry!
Due to the increasing number of requests, the research team is considering taking down their findings until a better way to share this information is found.
This is so incredible, that the academic community says these scientists are on their way to win a Nobel prize for this discovery.
Again, hurry and get their findings from this page, while you still can.

My Desperate (And Expensive) Pursuit of Youthful Skin

5 Reasons Why Women Over 50 Are Obsessed With The NunaWave Wand
See how women are turning back the clock and looking decades younger without topical creams or expensive surgeries!
In just 60 days with the NunaWave Wand, I saw:
– Smooth, Silky Skin: Revel in skin that’s as smooth as silk.
– Wrinkle-Free: Say goodbye to wrinkles, hello to youth.
– Firm and Radiant: Rediscover firm, radiant skin.
– Youthful Glow: Glow with the radiance of youth.
– Collagen Revival: Rejuvenate with boosted collagen.
Revel in skin that’s as smooth as silk

«Purple powder» ➡ heart attack: GONE ❤

Hey ,
THIS «purple powder» is proven to CRUSH heart attack risk by 51%!
But the best part?
Stanford scientists discovered it can also UNCLOG your arteries by 93% in 7 days.
Why does it matter?
Because just 2 sprinkles of THIS can
✅ Lower your «bad cholesterol» – without Statins or pills
✅ Prevent heart diseases
✅ Without giving up on salt, meat, or your favorite dessert
THIS «purple powder» CUTS heart attack risk in HALF.

The Divine Prayer

How The Richest Man In History Used This Divine One-Minute Prayer To Manifest Wealth And Abundance Into His Kingdom…
Mansa Musa was so rich that today’s billionaires like Elon Musk, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates would look like peasants to him.
What’s more… Mansa Musa was GENEROUS.
He threw gold coins to anyone and everyone he met.
How was he able to manifest such blessings?
Mansa Musa was a devout believer and a deeply spiritual person.
And used the power of prayer to manifest wealth and abundance.
Historians recently discovered a manuscript in Jerusalem.
This manuscript described a one-minute prayer to manifest anything.
But high-ranking church officials demanded this be kept under lock and key.
Because once you hear this Divine Prayer…
You will finally break the curse of poverty…
And restore your connection with God…
Allowing you to ask, manifest and receive His blessings.
=> Listen to the One-Minute Prayer now

The Most Important Thing That’s Probably Missing From Your Backyard

In a crisis, people will turn to plants once again for both food and medicine.
And there are some plants that will vanish faster than all others.
So the only way to make sure you have them when you need them is to grow them in your own backyard.
The Plants That Will Disappear First in a Crisis
I’ve gathered all the seeds for growing these plants and placed them inside a Medicinal Garden Kit.
But I only managed to make 300 packages like this:
All these seeds have been handpicked from the very best plants.
What you see is what you get—seeds for powerful medicinal plants that are perfect for making your own remedies at home, now or in times of need.
This package offers you more than you could ask for: a natural antibiotic, a herbal painkiller, a wound healer, and many more.
Check out the entire list here.
God bless,
P.S. However, there is a limited number of these seeds and the demand is huge–no wonder, with all that’s happening in the world right now. Click here to see if there are any left for you!

Herpes Bomb Found Inside Left Brain

This is not looking good for Big Pharmaceuticals…
They’ve been keeping a secret from us for far too long.
But now we know.
Herpes has been getting out of control recently.
Just look.
People live in fear of herpes.
We shouldn’t fear a stupid virus like this.
Especially when we’ve had the cure for so long.
Herpes “bomb” found in your left brain, see how scientists discovered how to diffuse it.
It’s shocking to hear.
But they’ve been hiding this fix from YOU for a VERY long time just to take money from you…
It’s about time someone leaked this information to us.
Discover this unique way to destroy herpes that big pharma has been hiding from us.

Ending Alzheimer’s, dementia, confusion… the natural way

It used to be that once dementia had begun a person would eventually completely lose control of their memory, their thinking and, in cases, their physical control.
This is still the fate for millions of people today.
But for so many others now it’s a completely different story. Because the causes
of dementia have been known for years – and now there is a cure.
We can now unclog the brain with a natural approach that involves no doctors,
drugs, treatments or special foods. It’s quick, safe and, for thousands of people,
the answer to their prayers.
Undo your mental decline today. Follow these 3 simple steps and make your brain young again!
Click here!

#1 sign you drink too much (not what you think!)

Most of us like to partake in a little vino, a cocktail, or a nice cold brewski every now and then…
And I’m one of them 🙂
However, recent studies prove the #1 sign you drink too much is excess lower belly fat (also referred to as ‘Liver Belly’).
That’s because the entire fat-burning process depends on a healthy liver.
And although alcohol is normally quite damaging to your liver…
The ancient Mediterranean ritual you’ll see at the link below naturally protects, purifies, and rapidly cleanses your liver of EVERY form of alcohol…
Allowing you to enjoy a few drinks while promoting weight loss at the same time!
==> That’s why, if you’re gonna drink alcohol, just follow this simple Mediterranean Ritual before hand (takes 30 seconds)
To your amazing health,
Sheila Fisher

Energize Your Wellness Journey with Tea Burn – Exclusive Offer Inside!

Hi dear,
We hope this message finds you in great health and high spirits! At Tea Burn, we’re
thrilled to be a part of your wellness journey, and we have something special just for you.
Introducing our signature Tea Burn blend, crafted to support your health and fitness goals
with natural ingredients known for their energizing and metabolism-boosting properties.
Why Tea Burn?
– Natural Fat Burning: Unlock the power of natural ingredients that promote healthy
metabolism and fat burning.
– Elevated Energy Levels: Experience sustained energy throughout the day without the
jitters or crashes associated with caffeine.
– Antioxidant Rich: Packed with antioxidants to support overall well-being and boost
your immune system.
– Delicious Flavor: Enjoy a delightful blend that makes your wellness routine a treat
for your taste buds.
Ready to transform your daily ritual? For a limited time,get a massive discount on your first order.
Explore Tea Burn Now
But wait, there’s more! We’d love to hear about your Tea Burn experience. Share your thoughts in a brief survey, and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a month’s supply of Tea Burn!
Take the Survey
Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we want to ensure your Tea Burn journey is as delightful as the blend itself.
Cheers to a healthier, happier you with Tea Burn!
Best regards,
Frank J.
Healthy Tea Team

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